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Admission arrangements

Children are normally admitted to school in the September following their 4th birthday. Parents who are considering sending their child to Chesham are welcome to telephone or email the school to make an appointment to visit the school at any time. There are 45 children admitted each year. The local authority administer admissions to schools which can be done online.

The school has a well-established induction programme for children starting Foundation Stage. This will be explained fully to parents after offers of places are made (usually in April). It will include an introductory meeting and tour of the FS unit early in the summer term before the children are due to join us, visits to the children in their nursery or home setting and visits to school for the children. There is a staggered intake during September until the whole cohort have started, usually within the first 10 days.

There are two foundation stage classes which are generally equal in numbers and follow the same curriculum. The children frequently mix and work closely together.

Throughout the rest of the school the average class size is 30.

Any parent requesting admission to school mid-year is also welcome to make an appointment to visit the Head teacher and look around school. If children are admitted outside of the regular admission times, we will ensure that they enjoy a similar induction programme for a smooth transition into life at Chesham. Please see the attached form which must be completed for any in-year applications to school.

In-year transfer form.docx

Any request for a place in a year group which is already full will be dealt with by the Local Authority. The appeals process is explained on the Bury Council website.

When considering the allocation of places and any in-year appeals, the Local Authority will use the following criteria until the admissions limit is reached:

  1. A child has an Educational Health care Plan or is currently in the care of the Local Authority.
  2. A child has siblings already attending the school.
  3. Direct line geographical distance.

If the cohort is full any appeal will only be granted in exceptional circumstances where the case for admission is considered stronger than the school’s case for non-admission.



Key Dates 2024-2025
Primary 2024-25 academic year Secondary 2024-25 academic year
Apply from 17th November 2023 21st June 2023
Closing date 15th January 2024 31st October 2023
National Offer Day 16th April 2024 1st March 2024
Last day for appeal requests 14th May 2024 28th March 2024
Appeal hearings June / July 2024 May / June / July 2024
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